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Memorial Day is about remembering those who have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty.  We hope you enjoy this day of remembrance with family and friends.  But in case you need a dose of #TechnoRetro ear buds, we wanted to give you this stuff to enjoy...

Last year, on Memorial Day weekend, shazbazzar went up to Birmingham for the Alabama Phoenix Festival to meet and speak to Gil Gerard.  We promised to air the Buck Rogers panel, and so here it is.  Gil provides some behind-the-scenes insights about the classic TV series and his thoughts about the past and future of Buck Rogers.  We hope you enjoy these tidbits from the past.

PLUS: Music by High Adventure written by shazbazzar and JediShua.  The military discusses potential for using Godzilla against enemies.  Michael Jackson performs at the Billboard Music Awards.  JediShua goes to Star Wars Weekends and shazbazzar is invited to talk Honor Among Thieves on Star Wars Bookworms.

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