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Karate tests, driving tests, graduation preparation, and trips to the zoo are just the beginning on today’s TechnoRetro Dads.  With summer on the horizon, shazbazzar and JediShua are busy during these final days before the kids are out for a couple of months (“Almost there.”)  Can you hear the anticipation building? 


IN THE NEWS: Kermit’s back this week — and coming back to TV with an announcement that a new Muppet Show is coming to ABC. Variety show?  Reality TV? Something else? We can hardly wait! Red Bull takes flight in a paper airplane contest. Brewster’s Millions (the version with Richard Pryor and John Candy) turns 30, and Disney’s latest attraction-styled-movie hits theaters this Friday.


JediShua tracks down the origins of 3D movies as shazbazzar recalls his introduction to the genre with a classic from 1954 and both the ‘Dads remember their first theatrical 3D experience: JAWS 3D


PLUS: Feedback from EarBuds P!inky from The Deucecast, Jamie Burns from the UK, David Marnderville from Florida, Kenny Kraly, Jr., T-Bird, Jorbex, and Jeffrey Fischbach.  You can be a part of the show by sending your voicemail to (209)TR-TRDad, (209)878-7323, recording a voice message and sending it via electronic-M to podcast@technoretrodads.com, contacting us through Facebook or Twitter, and chiming in with your taste buds’ reaction to Reese’s Puffs.



Just like a nutritious breakfast will get your day started off right, a heaping helping of TechnoRetro Dads will get you energized for the week ahead.  Share and Enjoy!

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