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What do you do when your daughter brings home her first boyfriend?  Well, EarBuds, it’s best to think that question over before it actually happens.  Take it from shazbazzar.  But it’s all going to be alright as we come roaring back after a week filled with fun, friends, and six Star Wars movies playing in the evenings for visiting Spring Breakers at “shaz sha-toh” (chateau).  So pop open a can of 9 Lives and curl up with the cat for a 77-minute blend of past, present, and future with shazbazzar and JediShua on TechnoRetro Dads.

In the NEWS

Stephen Hawking outlives doctors’ expectations by over fifty years.  Ready Player One VR rave was available for test runs at SXSW.  Director Steven Spielberg experienced some anxiety as he attended the premiere of Ready Player One with a few technical glitches.  Flux capacitors are not currently in stock at O’Reilly Auto Parts.  The “Anniversary Edition” of The Dark Crystal is now available on Blu-Ray and 4K.


We Love Our Cereal…

…and SuperFriend Jorbex thinks JediShua would love Honey Hooplahs, too — if only because of the awesome name.  In the meantime, Tony the Tiger goes to the dark side with Chocolate Frosted Flakes, and Shua is convinced that shaz would think “they’re great!”


Vinyl Scratchback

With a retrotastic movie like Ready Player One coming in less than two weeks, this seemed like the perfect time to speculate about songs we think might be on the soundtrack as well as what we wish would be on the soundtrack.  And, since we’re not making the movie anyway, your opinions are as good as ours, so if you have thoughts about songs that could work into Ready Player One, let us know right away at (209) 878-7323.


TechnoRetro Arcade

Ernest Cline has it in his own home.  Wade Watts played it from an entirely different perspective in Ready Player One.  It’s called Black Dragon in Japan.  But you know it as Black Tiger and shazbazzar and JediShua take a few minutes to revisit the dungeons of Capcom and reminisce about the scantily-clad barbarian’s adventure game and how it likely has influenced both the book and the movie, Ready Player One.


Black Panther

JediShua gathered his brood for a trip to the local cinema for a MARVELous afternoon in Wakanda watching Black Panther.  Although shazbazzar has yet to see it, Shua’s glowing review of the movie doesn’t really spoil anything (surprised?)!  It’s no wonder this movie continues to impress at the box office this month.



Isaiah Caldeira lets us know about his interesting strategy for Defender and how it didn’t quite produce the results he wanted. Jeff Baucom follows the rabbit trail from Star Wars actors in Flash Gordon to the Queen soundtrack to Toto’s soundtrack for Dune to the VHS data sheet, PLUS: Dungeons & Dragons, Knight Rider, Cylons, and Boney M!  Jeff proves the value of a well-archived catalog of old podcasts.  Jonathan spots Sean Astin’s buff brother…maybe.  Wes shares pics of his collection in his “space for being creative” as Jeffrey Fischbach shows off a TRON cabinet and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom game.  Lost Boy Eric volunteers to get an annual pass to Walt Disney World to keep everyone up-to-date with the TRON ride’s progress.


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