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December has arrived and JediShua’s excitement is contagious.  The Christmas hype is in full force even with questions about the Force hyping everyone up about The Last Jedi.  From jingle bells to lights strung along the eaves, the season is festive and shazbazzar gets bit by the bug, as well.  Join TechnoRetro Dads all month for nostalgia-laced travels through the past four decades week after week!


In the NEWS

Can you believe that ABC reported 40 years ago today that the files on the JFK assassination were about to be released?  And still, we wait.  But that’s old news.  The new news surrounds three fantastic fantasy franchises!  The Lord of the Rings will be televised — sort of — in a new streaming series coming soon.  The Chronicles of Narnia will begin filming The Silver Chair next year with Joe Johnston at the helm for his last directing gig before retirement.  The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance has commenced filming, promising to be a return to the mysticism and magic of the 1982 movie.


We Love Our Cereal…

…and cereal socks.  From “Odd Socks” to stylish old man colors, cereal is moving up on the sock market, it seems.  But we’re not just talking about cereal boxes represented on footwear.  It’s December, and that means it’s time for some Christmas cereal.  The ‘Dads are on the hunt for the best seasonal cereals in stores this year.  From Cinnamon Vanilla to Hot Cocoa to Gingerbread Spice, the Christmas flavors are flowing with milk and cereal this month!


TechnoRetro Arcade 

After Hallowe’en games and a Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot, it’s time to open up another section of the TechnoRetro Arcade with a fun game from the early ‘90s — Lemmings.  Nope, make that Xmas Lemmings. It’s just like the original game, but more festive with snow, Santa hats, and seasonal tunes.  PLUS: shazbazzar wants to add something he fantasized about back in 1977… a home-version, stand-up pinball machine — The Fonz.  Ayyyyy!


Bob Hope All Star Christmas Comedy Special (1977)

One thing that a Bob Hope special was sure to do for families in the seventies and eighties was to assemble families in the den to watch these fun, filmed-before-a-live-audience productions.  This special does not disappoint with Perry Como, Olivia Newton-John (who repeats her singing performances from three years before), the Muppets, and Mark Hamill.  Of course, having Mark Hamill on the show means there will undoubtedly be a Star Wars parody.  Yep.  Scar Wars with Barf Vader and Luke Sleepwalker.


Aftershocks of 1977: Christmas Toys

Remember Christmas 1977?  We do — sort of.  Stores were well-stocked with toys.  From RC cars to skateboards to electronic games, kids were looking forward to waking up to something amazing under the tree.  But merchandise from the hottest movie in theaters was not well represented.  Never fear, Pooh Bear is here — in the form of an egg-shaped piece of plastic that likes to wobble but won’t fall down.  The ‘Dads remember Weebles from 1977, specifically shazbazzar’s Winnie-the-Pooh Hunny Tree.  JediShua would not be outdone, though, calling back to a classic retro game that has made its way back into stores this year: Mattel’s Electronic Football.  This handheld LED game continues to confuse and thrill players forty years after its interception, er, uh, inception.


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