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Greetings, Programs!  


Sandwiched between the 35th anniversary of TRON and JediShua’s birthday is this campy 77 minutes of TechnoRetro fun complete with ‘Dad jokes, cereal chatter, news, and your feedback.  Buckle up your safety restraints, EarBuds — we’re about to hit 88MPH for some fun in the past, present, and future!


In the NEWS…

Close Encounters of the Third Kind is coming back to theaters right before it’s 40th anniversary.  Check your local theaters for listings this September.  TRON: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski is biding his time waiting for Disney to re-green-light TR3N by directing another sequel to an ‘80s classic — Chick Flick Disguised as Action Movie 2 (otherwise known as Top Gun 2) with 1Direction…or not.  Kevin Bacon comes back to make a Tremors TV show.  Retro Arcades continue to intrigue consumers with a tabletop controller now available for purchase.


We Love Our Cereal

BIG NEWS for small cereal: Tiny Toast has been retitled under the “Toast Crunch” genre of cereals with Strawberry Toast Crunch and Blueberry Toast Crunch.  And the ‘Dads review Apple Cinnamon Toast Crunch, too.  What could go wrong with box art like this expanding series of  toast and cereal combinations.


TechnoRetro Arcade

After a good, healthy breakfast (with natural apple flavoring), it’s time for a burger… er, uh, it’s BURGER TIME!  JediShua and shazbazzar remember playing this Dig-Dug / Donkey Kong mash-up featuring oversized food that would make Wreck-It-Ralph’s mouth water.



The EarBuds share their minds with shazbazzar and JediShua on the topics of cereal, carbonated beverages, parenting techniques, and more from Derek Spier, Mike MacDonald, Jeremy the Spider-Pan from The Neverland Podcast, Chris Black from Arvada, and a new EarBud, Nick Valentine.


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