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As we draw ever nearer to the actual 40th anniversary of the release of Star Wars in theaters, the excitement continues to grow everywhere in this galaxy as well as that one far, far away after Princess Leia’s Stolen Death Star Plans stormed the Internet with A New Hope for original mash-ups as Palette-Swap Ninja provided a Beatlesesque soundtrack for the movie with the 50th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band just weeks away.     


In the NEWS…

Wear your old mix tapes on your sleeve with the new ELBOW from BrainMonk — a smallish portable cassette player that may actually be released in the near future.  Then you can sit back and relax in your Silver Chair while you wait for the next movie in the Narnia saga.  And don’t forget to use the Frork when eating one of the newest sandwich offerings at McDonald’s.  With a bit of Beatles news from Sirius XM and the aforementioned album from Palette-Swap Ninja, the news this week is so far out-of-this-world, we might need to charter the classic Star Tours ride (at least in virtual reality) to catch up to the genius of this parody rich duo.


We Love Our Cereal

British neuroscience research consultant Dr. Jennifer Newson conducted a widespread study of a diverse group of subjects (78 women in the U.K.) in a two-day experiment for Kellogg’s Special K to discover how women’s “eating context” affected their perception of how nourished they were from 30 grams of cereal in 125 milliliters of cold skimmed milk.  The headline for this highly scientific study — “REVEALED: Why eating cereal from a SQUARE bowl will make you feel fuller.”  Thanks, Thea De Gallier of express.co.uk.


TechoRetro Arcade

Atari spins the rollerball …er, uh… trackball and mashes the quickfire button in classic exterminator style with their release of Centipede to arcades.  JediShua and shazbazzar found at least some success in racking up points and levels in the arcade version of this iconic video game.  With fleas, spiders, and scorpions, Centipede has always been a popular pick amongst gamers for over thirty years.


Saturday Morning

When Doctor Smith from Lost in Space tries to ride the coattails of Star Wars, a television series will surely be lifted to new heights as the rising tide lifts all boats.  What’s that?  Space Academy isn’t a boat?  You don’t say!  It was cancelled once it failed to find a following in the fall of 1977.


History Lesson

Captain America watches the Brooklyn Dodgers play against Philadelphia.  1984 is on the phone and wants its fascist agenda back (thanks, George Orwell).  And Kyle Reese emerges from the future to prevent a Terminator from stopping John Conner before he ever gets started.


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