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Greetings, Programs!

You thought your precious Dads were safe from the scheming of the Aprilinanity. Nobody is free from the ludicrousness of this day of absurdity and nonsense.  Equipped with silliness and senselessness, the Dadnappers have effectively taken away the TechnoRetro ones on this anniversary of their origin.  Perhaps this preposterous poppycock will persist for days, weeks, even months....



Yet fear not, fool-loving friends, for the youth of today have seized the situation and are capitalizing on the case of the captured Dads.  JediAri, shabbeyzzar, Little “A”s, and shazzyluke are on the scene and are using this opportunity to pull a little tomfoolery of their own.

So tune in for this extra-special episode of TechnoRetro Dads KIDS! 

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