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Greetings, Programs!

Having an Atari hooked up to your home TV meant no quarters needed when you wanted to play your arcade favorites (or something somewhat similar).  JediShua and shazbazzar finally let their families in on the Atari Flashback fun and the kids gain some appreciation of the classics!

Plus, Dancing with the Star Wars goes to Bespin, Warner Brothers seeks to capitalize on the recent success of The LEGO Movie with their own building blocks blockbuster based on Minecraft, the HUVr board is tested by Tony Hawk, and the Dark Crystal Author’s Quest has selected its top five candidates.

The last time nine planets lined up in syzygy results in a musical query by Spaghetti Cake as we wonder “What about Pluto?” (Thanks for the idea, Glen!)

You can play along with us through the TechnoRetro Cereal Challenge, the current Science Project, and the Lazy Book Club, you can lend your thoughts (and voice) to all sorts of #TechnoRetro goodness! Send an electronic-M to podcast@TechnoRetroDads.com, or call us at (209)TR-TRDad.  You can also join in the discussions at forum.technoretrodads.com.

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