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Steve Martin is a comedian, actor, musician, and so much more! This week we celebrate the birthday of an entertainment legend by looking back on an incredible career. Enjoy Stuff from a Wild and Crazy Guy!


Get ready to be amazed at the body of work from a talented entertainer! Steve Martin has been working for years to make us laugh. From The Jerk to Only Murders in the Building, we remember all the ways Steve impressed and entertained us on Enjoy Stuff.



Remembering Olivia Newton John

The Halloween Monster Cereals welcome back Frute Brute to the lineup

Later this year, a John Hughes Movie Soundtrack Collection will be released in a New Box Set called “Life Moves Pretty Fast”

Mark Hamill has fun at a Jack in the Box drive through where he once got fired

A cool site called My80sTV.com provides you with some great retro entertainment

An update on Choco Taco

Soon you can play virtual mini golf in the world of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth

There is a live action Pac-Man movie in development

What we’re Enjoying

Jay watched the popular movie Prey and was impressed with the original story and interesting new characters. He agreed it is a worthy addition to the franchise. Shua has enjoyed getting his mind blown by the twists and turns of season 4 of Westworld. It is a wild ride that keeps you guessing about what  is really going on. 


Sci-Fi Saturdays/MCU Location Scout

Sci-Fi Saturdays look at a John Carpenter sequel called Escape From L.A. Kurt Russel returns as Snake Pliskin in a 2013 dystopian Los Angeles prison. But it really doesn’t live up to the original, Escape from New York. Still, you can have fun and Enjoy even if it’s not what you expect.  And don’t forget his articles on MCULocationScout.com for some great, interactive maps of filming locations. 


Enjoy Life!

Steve Martin was born August 14, 1945. He really started entertaining people at 15 years old when he worked at the magic store in Disneyland. 


But after that he went on to work in Hollywood as a writer on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour and started developing his stand-up routine. Years of this lead to appearances on TV, especially Saturday Night Live.


Popularity rose to point where he got a leading role in his own movie. Carl Reiner directed him in The Jerk, his first big lead, in 1979. After that he dabbled in musicals, drama, cameos and so much more. 


Check out this week’s show to hear about a ton of other roles he had such as All of Me; Three Amigos; Planes, Trains, and Automobiles; Dirty Rotten Scoundrels; and more! 


Plus, we touch on his music, which is pretty impressive in itself, and a ton of awards he has acquired over his life. Steve Martin truly is a legend. 


Are you a fan of Steve Martin? What’s your favorite role? Did you read all of these show notes? First person that emails me with the subject line, “Excuuuuse Me!” will get a special mention on the show.  Let us know. Come talk to us in the Discord channel or send us an email to EnjoyStuff@RetroZap.com

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