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Enjoy Pi Day with Jovial Jay and Shua as they take the idea completely out of context and talk about Private Investigators of 80s TV. It's a great episode to listen to 3.14 times! 


There are many ways to celebrate Pi Day on March 14. Whether you make a nice round birthday cake for Albert Einstein or share all kinds of round food with your friends, we think you’ll have fun watching 80’s TV shows about Private Investigators. Join us for a circular show of Magnum proportions on Enjoy Stuff!



Get ready for Easter candy and breakfast fusion with the new Rice Krispies and Apple Jacks treats

And if that’s not enough sweet morning candy for you, try the Dunkin’ Iced Coffee Jelly Beans

The Muppets’ Electric Mayhem is getting their very own series on Disney+

There is an ‘I Am Legend’ sequel being worked on with Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan

The Quantum Leap reboot keeps getting new cast members. Raymond Lee will be the lead

What we’re Enjoying

Jay is getting ready for Easter by exploring a variety of rabbit holes. One is Michael J Fox movies. Early movies like Midnight Madness and Teen Wolf make for a fun revisit of the actor’s origins. Shua was surprised to enjoy The Batman as much as he did. It was an interesting take on the Dark Knight with a detective story and a surprising message of hope by the end.  


Enjoy TV!

What is Pi? A delicious dessert? A mathematical constant? Well, yeah. But to recognize this year’s March 14, with different kinds of P.I.s; private investigators of the 80’s. 


Magnum PI pushed Tom Selleck to the top of fame when he starred as Thomas Magnum, private investigator staying in the mansion of Robin Masters and tormenting the butler, Higgins. All this while solving crimes while driving around in a fancy car. 


1984’s Riptide starred Perry King as Cody Allen and solved mysteries with his friends Nick and Boz, while driving around in a fancy car. 


Simon and Simon were two brothers who, while opposite in a lot of ways, were great at solving mysteries and driving around in a variety of fancy cars. 


Hardcastle and McCormick premiered in 1983 and starred the legendary Brian Keith as Judge Hardcastle who is trying to catch a bunch of criminals who escaped conviction with the help of a car thief named McCormick, who drives around in a stolen fancy car. 


Hunter set the stage for overly-macho guys who carry big guns, but sometimes have a female partner. Rick Hunter and his partner DeeDee McCall help to save Los Angeles, but don’t always have the luxury of a fancy car. 


Spenser for Hire showed us that the great Robert Urich as Spenser, saving the day in Boston with his reliable and not yet Star Trekified Avery Brooks, while driving around in a fancy Mustang car. 


And this just scratches the surface. In our head cannon, they were all connected and worked for Angela Lansbury’s Jessica Fletcher. 


What else can you do on Pi Day? How about some Pi-kus? Or maybe have a Pi-arty? Serve some Pi-themed food like Pi-napple or Pi-stachios. Whatever you do, have 3.14 times the fun on this fun Monday!

Are you celebrating Pi Day? Do you have a crime that needs investigating? Let us know. Come talk to us in the Discord channel or send us an email to podcast@enjoystuff.com

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