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Not all things are scary on Halloween. This week we Enjoy Stuff that's spooky, but not too spooky...or is it. Join Jovial Jay and Shua, if you dare! (Go ahead and dare, you'll be fine) 


Is Halloween too scary for you? Never fear, because we have some movies that will get you in the mood and not give you nightmares. Enjoy some not-too-spooky movies with Jovial Jay and Shua. 



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What we’re Enjoying

Jay got in the mood for this episode by watching the sequel to Hocus Pocus on Disney+. It was fun, so stay tuned. Shua has been looking for some wacky things to listen to. Or should we say ‘looney’ things to listen to. He put on a playlist of Looney Tunes classic music on Spotify that reminded him of some of the classic cartoons.  


Sci-Fi Saturdays/MCU Location Scout

31 Days of Horror continues! Here is the list of this week’s articles:

Elizabeth Harvest (2018)

Hush (2016)

Malignant (2021)

The Babadook (2014)

Critters (1986)

Nosferatu (1922)

Frenzy (1972)

Check back in to RetroZap every day this month to see what creepy movie Jay will give us next. And don’t forget his articles on MCULocationScout.com for some great, interactive maps of filming locations. 


Enjoy Movies!

What do you do when you’re a Halloween-loving parent, but your kids are just too young to expose them to The Shining, Friday the 13th, or It? You start ‘em off light!  There are all kinds of fun Halloween movies to get your kids addicted to the thrill of the scare, but won’t cost you thousands of dollars of therapy later on. (Well, at least not from these movies. Anything else you do to screw them up is on you) This week we look at some of the memorable, Halloween movies that are not too scary and how to Enjoy them. 


Family Friendly Shows from Our Youth

-The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t (1979)

-Halloween with the New Addams Family (1977)

-The Paul Lynde Halloween Special (1976)

-Elvira’s Halloween Special (1986)


Family Friendly for littler kids

-Hocus Pocus 1,2 (1993 and 2022)

-Casper (1995)

-Coco (2017)


A little older kids

-Addams Family (1991)

-Ghostbusters (1984)

-Beetlejuice (1988)


Those crazy teens

-Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

-Little Shop of Horrors (1986)

-Army of Darkness (1992)

-The Burbs (1989)


Other TV Specials

-Simpsons Treehouse of Horror specials

-Toy Story of Terror on Disney+

-Garfield’s Halloween Adventure

-Pac-Man Halloween Special


That’s the list we came up with. And we know there are tons more. 

What other movies do you like that aren’t too spooky? Do you prefer these or are you more into gore? First person that emails me with the subject line, “I’m no scaredy cat” will get a special mention on the show.  Let us know. Come talk to us in the Discord channel or send us an email to EnjoyStuff@RetroZap.com


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