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Ready Player One was adapted for the screen five years ago. This week Jay and Shua look back at what worked, what was changed, and the fun of going to the OASIS. Plus, we create our own Easter egg challenges with our pop-culture obsessions on Enjoy Stuff!


What would your pop-culture references be if you created an Easter egg challenge in the OASIS? Come with us in a world of pure imagination as we look back at the movie Ready Player One. 



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What we’re Enjoying

Jay has been catching up on films nominated for this year’s Oscars. This week he watched the surprises in Martin McDonagh’s Banshees of Inisherin. He enjoyed the themes and symbolism in the wild story of two friends whose relationship suddenly changes and fingers are threatened. Shua surprises absolutely nobody by enjoying season 3 of The Mandalorian. It’s feeling very Star Wars to him. What do you think?


Enjoy Movies!   

In 2011, Ernest Cline released his homage to the pop-culture he grew up with, Ready Player One. This dystopian world became obsessed with everything 80’s after rich, white guy James Halliday dies and offers his fortune to anyone who can crack the clues in his contest. 


It became very popular among Generation X and we were all excited when it was announced that it was going to be adapted into a movie, and directed by Steven Spielberg even! But how could they get the juicy reference bits from the book into a film? The result was the 2018 movie of the same name. 


First we break down some of the major changes from the book to the film and why we think they made those changes. Then we talk about whether the movie was a successful adaptation from different points of view. 


And then we create our very own Easter egg hunt. What pop-culture references would we use for the world to solve? We’ll lay it all out for you so you can try to solve the riddles of the egg.  


Did you enjoy the Ready Player One Movie? What pop-culture references would be in your contest? First person that emails me with the subject line, “First to the key!” will get a special mention on the show.  Let us know. Come talk to us in the Discord channel or send us an email to EnjoyStuff@RetroZap.com


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