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Love...exciting and Retro! Come aboard, we're expecting you! On this Valentine's Day, you may need an idea for a date night. What better place to look than 80s movies? Jay and Shua offer up a plethora of ideas for a great movie themed date night. Immerse yourself in love while you Enjoy Stuff!


Feel the love on this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re more of a romantic that likes to show your feelings with a boombox over your head, or a scary night in the dark, we have a variety of 80’s inspired dates for any couple.

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Enjoy Life!

Need some Valentine’s Day date ideas? Look no further than 80’s movies. Listen in to this week’s show to see exactly what is involved in setting up the perfect date.


Choose from these themes, or mix and match!

The John Cusack

The As You Wish

The Matthew Broderick

The Molly Ringwald

The Top Gun

The Slasher


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