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Greetings, Programs!

The Hulk is Incredible, the Charms are Lucky, the DeLorean is headed to New Mexico, and Tom Angleberger is on TechnoRetro Dads! 

Whether you are into retro shows or techno twists on old favorites, you can find it on TechnoRetro Dads week after week.  Today, JediShua and shazbazzar eat their Lucky Charms while they watch episodes of the 1982 cartoon, The Incredible Hulk with their families.  Chris Hamilton calls us back to the heyday of mail order anticipation with his song “6 to 8 Weeks”.  Author Tom Angleberger talks Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue and drops two amazing announcements on the Dads about his upcoming projects. 

Plus, fun, flashbacks, fandom, and feedback from a friend on this week’s TechnoRetro Dads.  You can join in the conversation at forum.TechnoRetroDads.com, participate in the Lazy Book Club and get a free audiobook download and free 30-day trial of audible.com through TechnoRetro Dads, or contact us via electronic-M at podcast@TechnoRetroDads.com.  



So pick a piece of candy out of the kids’ Easter basket and settle in for seventy-seven minutes of #TechnoRetro good times.

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