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Grab a pencil, paper, and some six-sided dice for High Adventure in the past, present, and future as the TechnoRetro Dads kick off the month of March with role-playing games, Star Wars Scrapbook, young Indiana Jones, news, Cereal Day, and ridiculous Dad jokes.


In the NEWS

  • Gremlins will soon invade your technology in Warner Media’s new streaming service.  
  • Jim Henson’s The Storyteller is returning with an all-new series.
  • Terry Gilliam will finally complete his dream story about jousting windmills in The Man Who Killed Don Quixote.
  • Star Wars clothing on display in a preview of Galaxy’s Edge.


We Love Our Cereal

JediShua prepares us for the upcoming Cereal Day later this week.


The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

What do Sean Patrick Flannery, George Hall, Corey Carrier, and Harrison Ford have in common?  They all shared the small screen playing the same character in the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.  JediShua and shazbazzar share their thoughts on the series and bemoan the lost scenes from the original airing of the two-season television show from the early 1990s.


Game Master Day

Today is Game Master Day, and whether you played Dungeons & Dragons, Star Frontiers, Palladian, Indiana Jones, Toon, or some other role playing game, it’s a great day to remember and recognize those game masters who kept the stories flowing in these imaginative games.  Several EarBuds and SuperFriends chime in about their experiences with role playing games.


Star Wars Scrapbook

In anticipation for the upcoming Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, shazbazzar and JediShua cover what was happening in our galaxy as Star Wars hype began and the fascination with the franchise continued in the month of March.


Special thanks to High Adventure for use of their song “The Ballad of Indiana Jones” from their incredible Acoustic Prog Pop album. 


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