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A long time ago, in many places not far away, young Star Wars fans turned on CBS for a special event featuring their favorite fictional characters.  Some were thrilled, others nonplussed, and the history of The Star Wars Holiday Special began.  


Download and relive the fun and frustration of the Holiday Special as JediShua and shazbazzar invite SuperFriends Sheldon Norton, Mike Tarkin, Chris Hamilton, and JoeyWanKenobi to relive the magic of that notorious Friday in November 1978 (with special musical guest, High Adventure)!  


But that's not all!  This year's inductees into the Toy Hall of Fame are in the news, Etch A Sketch is retrieved from the Attic, a TechnoRetro Fantasy is explored, and we reveal the success and failure of shazbazzar's Monster Cereals cake from a couple weeks back.


Don’t forget the TechnoRetro Dads’ reviews of Star Wars: Rebels “Out of Darkness” on RebelForce Radio’s Star Wars: Rebels Declassified and Disney Vault Talk: Rebel Yell from last week!  


Check out shazbazzar’s new blogs on The Star Wars Report.     


Listen to JediShua on Green Justice, Scarlet Velocity, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Case Files.     



Celebrate this day of peace by greeting your fellow sentients with the traditional, “Happy Life Day!” today.


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