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Greetings, Programs!  


It’s October, the weather has changed, so grab your parkas and set out on a cross-country hike with us as we stick to the roads and avoid the moors (just like they told us — we want to avoid any hairy manimalistic predators).  As mentioned earlier this year, we’re focusing on wolves this month, starting with a little-known ‘80s cartoon featuring Wolfman Jack: Wolf Rock TV.  Be sure to let us know your memories of animated wolves, werewolves, and wolfmen for future episodes as we draw closer to Hallowe’en.


IN THE NEWS: Michael Witwer’s Empire of Imagination comes out tomorrow.  The Muppets are back in show business.  Monster Cereals come alive through Blippar.  Buck Rogers…er…uh…Jake Rizzo reunites with Ernie Lee from SidekicksBack to the Future is back on your PlayStation or XBOX.  And, of course, Star Wars is everywhere!


PLUS:  Loads of feedback from our Ear Buds. 


And a four-week update on the current status of the TechnoRetro Bowl.  


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