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The Space Race may be over, but the excitement continues as New Horizons is only a day away from its incredibly close pass by the planet dwarf planet Pluto.  JediShua and shazbazzar discuss, debate, and celebrate the mass orbiting in the outer rim of our Solar System that shares its name with Mickey Mouse’s dog.  From the mysterious “Planet X” to the planetoid formerly known as a planet, PLUTO takes center stage in this episode of TechnoRetro Dads.


Enjoy musical tributes from many artists, including Dr. Planet, Tim Ophus & Chuck Crouse, Charlie Katt, Craig Werth & Christine Lavin, The Galaxy Girls Save Pluto, The B-52s, Neptune Project, Spaghetti Cake, Tom McFadden, 2 Skinnee J’s, Man or Astro-Man, Astroglass, Rhett & Link from “Good Mythical Morning”, and Vance Gilbert.       



Next week, we’ll be back with the Cereal Challenge, RedHot Super Summer, and more — so be sure to tell us about your favorite Super in red, share your opinions about the new Star Wars cereal, submit your JAWS Seaquel, or just chime in about anything #TechnoRetro by sending your voicemail to (209)TR-TRDad, (209)878-7323, recording a voice message and sending it via electronic-M to podcast@technoretrodads.com, posting on Facebook, or tweet @TechnoRetroDads. 

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