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Greetings, Programs!  


Many schools, banks, and businesses are closed today for the holiday, but we are still here to bring you a nutritious, delicious bowl of the past in the present (while looking forward to the future).  Be sure not to miss your most important meal of the day — whether you eat it with a spoon or a fork.


Take time with shazbazzar and JediShua to taste the NEWS this week, featuring self-lacing Nike MAGS, a life-sized PAC MAN game, 3D printed prosthetics, an Ernie Cline sequel, puppets in Chicago and more!  Plus, JediShua gets into the Academy (Awards) and lets us in on what to expect from the Oscars next month.


Finally, the ‘Dads seek out the best way to eat Post Shredded Wheat with toppings, additives, and sauces to marinade this classic (?) cereal as shazbazzar takes his first bite of the big biscuits.


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