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Evidently, we were long overdue for a full-fledged discussion on SPOILERS and our responsibility on podcasts and social media to refrain from AMBUSHING the unwitting with movie SECRETS.  Joining the TechnoRetro Dads for a lively roundtable discussion are a distinguished group of podcasters and movie lovers:  Sarah and Richard Woloski from Skywalking through Neverland, David Dollar (and Michael Nipp) from The Deucecast, Michael Falkner from Chronic Rift’s The Weekly Podioplex, and our own JAMIE from TRON: Decoding the Grid.


PLUS: Kenner’s Boba Fett gets the life-sized treatment.  Star Wars: Rebels gets a release date in early October.  The Theme Park Summer continues with the fifteen most anticipated “rides” for 2015.



Leave us your voicemail at (209) TR-TRDad or (209) 878-7323 or send us an electronic-M to podcast@TechnoRetroDads.com, post on our Facebook, or tweet us on Twitter.  We will be closing out the summer season next week, so it’s time to let your amusement park memories be heard! 

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