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Forty years ago today, 17 November 2018, The Star Wars Holiday Special aired for its one and only appearance on television.  For years, fans have sought out black market copies of the program in order to see it for themselves.  As for the TechnoRetro Dads, they have adored this heart-warming story for four decades.  


Today, thanks to a discovery in Ralph McQuarrie’s personal items in 2012, shazbazzar and JediShua present a rendition of an early story treatment of the Star Wars Holiday Special as made available on StarWarsHolidaySpecial.com.  


We hope you will share and enjoy this audio tribute to the “Could’ve Been but Wasn’t Actually the Star Wars Holiday Special”.


Special thanks to:

High Adventure “Light the Sky on Fire” and “Happy Life Day”

Supernova “Chewbacca”

Donny & Marie Osmond

Kevin Rubio TROOPS

Battlestar Galactica


Mork & Mindy

Wheel of Fortune

WKRP in Cincinnati



  • JediShua -- Narrator
  • Jessizzar -- Operator
  • shazbazzar -- Mechanical Jawa
  • Mrs. Shua -- Captain Rockie Welchel
  • Joe Tavano -- Sauna-Mann
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