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Ernest Cline's "Ready Player Two" has arrived. We give our spoiler-free impressions of the new novel. And 40 years ago, the legendary Robin Williams gave us his interpretation of Popeye. Plus, the Toy Catalog and tons of breaking Star Wars news


In 1980 Director Robert Altman gave us his idea of the classic comic character Popeye. But it wasn’t quite the blockbuster they expected. And we’ve been looking forward to the release of Ready Player Two. It’s here! What did you think?

TechnoRetro News

  • Back to the Future will get some answers to unanswered questions in a new DeLorean Owner’s Manual. 
  • Breaking! Disney made announcements of TONS of new projects. We give our first reactions of all the Star Wars coming our way



General Mills announces 16 new cereals for 2021. The Roving Spoonster found us all the scoop of some tasty morning treats. 


Let’s All Go to the Movies

He’s strong to the finish, ‘cause he eats his spinach. He’s Popeye the Sailor Man! And in 1980 he was played by the legendary Robin Williams. Director Robert Altman made the film with his own style, and a feel that was reminiscent of the original strip. But despite the attention to detail, the film didn’t hold up to expectations. Was it the writing? The performances? The music? Whatever it was, it launched the movie career of Robin Williams and gave us fun stuff to talk about. 


Book Review

Ready Player Two is the follow up to Ernest Cline’s best selling novel Ready Player One. The story hits “continue” right where we left off from the first book. We find Wade dealing with all the pressure of becoming the most powerful man in the world. But not long after he takes control of the OASIS, a new threat emerges and it could spell disaster for the whole world. Jay and Shua review the novel without spoiling it for you. And we want to know what you thought. Send us a message to podcast@technoretrodads.com 


Earbud Toy Catalog 2020

This week we break down the Creative Toys Division of the Toy Catalog. Who will be the winner of this round? Rubik’s Cube? Lego? And make sure you vote on the last division “Fun For All!” as we make our way to the Final Four. 

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