Enjoy Stuff: A TechnoRetro Podcast

Tech is everywhere! But in the 80’s we looked at it with a little wonder, a little excitement, and a lot of neon. We look at the technology our heroes used to save the day and the toys that helped us grow. 


Technology in our favorite TV shows and the tech toys that kept us entertained and edumacated.


In the NEWS

  • The Princess Bride is coming to a board game near you
  • A Knight Rider movie is in the works! 
  • TRON 3 gets a new director
  • The last Blockbuster Video is available for a sleepover! Pack those PJs
  • Space Camp may just be around for a bit longer!

TechnoRetro Cereal - Junior Spoonster

Jay brings us news of a new type of breakfast; Mac and Cheese...wait, that can’t be right. Mac and Cheese?!?!?! Would you indulge in this traditional kiddie meal as a morning feast? Let us know. And you’ve gotta check out the Teachable Machine Lucky Charms Marshmallow extractor.  It’s sure to change your late night snacking habits.


Saturday Mornings - Retro TV with Tech-Centered Stories

We loved our TV heroes! In the 80’s those heroes often got to use cool new tech to save the day. Automan was a hero straight out of TRON. He is a complex computer construct that partners up with a police computer expert. And he’s got a sweet glowy car! Max Headroom was a one of a kind piece of technology that helped shape the 80’s without ever leaving a TV screen (or having a body). The Street Hawk was a super fast, super cool motorcycle. And Airwolf saved the day from the sky while Stringfellow Hawke piloted the powerful helicopter. Finally, Michael Knight was a faithful partner to KITT, the computer powered super car whose legacy lives on to this day. How cool were they? And how much did they influence the future? 

Toys in the Attic - Tech Toys

Was there anything more exciting for a kid to get a toy that needed batteries? Electronic toys became more accessible to kids in the 80’s. They kept us entertained and helped us learn. The Little Professor calculator was where Shua learned his numbers and the Speak and Spell built his words. Most kids enjoyed their Mattel Electronic sports games, even though it was really just a few little red LED lights. But blinking lights could be fun, and be the basis of games like Merlin and Simon. The Microvision was the granddaddy of the handheld games we love today. And if you like games of fantasy, Dark Tower and Dungeons & Dragons Computer Labyrinth Game sparked our imagination.

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