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Yule love this week’s show, even if you’re a Humbug!  Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol takes on an eighties upgrade with Bill Murray and Bobcat Goldthwait in Scrooged. Don’t wait for three ghosts to make you regret your choices today — tune in to TechnoRetro Dads early this morning, share, and enjoy all the fun and fandom with family, friends, and EarBuds for 77 minutes. 


We Love Our Cereal…

…and the cereal companies like special cereals for Christmas.  From the Cronut creator’s Christmas Morning Cereal to Lucky Charms Chocolatey Winter Cereal to Strawberry Krispies, the seasonal flavors are ready to be enjoyed by the spoonful (#ChillYourBowl).  Perhaps the reason Ebenezar Scrooge was so grumpy is the notable lack of Christmas cereal in his day.  


TechnoRetro Arcade

Our super-sized celebration of Superman’s 40th (80th) anniversary last week left out a very important element: video games.  Superman’s video game debut was for the Atari 2600 console in the 1979 super-pixillated classic Superman.  Six years later, Superman: The Game (see what they did there?) was released for home computers.  To provide picky, pestering Scrooges with something worthy of complaint, the NES Superman game only had a vague resemblance to Superman in 1988.  That same year, a full-sized arcade version of the Man of Steel was released by Taito.  Best of all, the ultimate Superman video game has yet to arrive!



Frank Cross (Bill Murray), a television network executive with more dollars than sensitivity, faces a long night of regrets, repentance, and redemption with visits from three time-traveling ghosts.  It’s A Christmas Carol for the ‘80s with a healthy, heaping spoonful of meta as life and fiction intersect on a live broadcast that’s likely to reduce at least one of the ‘Dads to tears — like, Niagara Falls!


EarBuds Toy Catalog: Creative Toys

The results of the third bracket of the EarBuds Toy Catalog are in as retrotastic toys that engaged the mind in creative ways went head-to-head in physics, chemistry, and engineering matchups that challenge the brain, hands, and eyes.  Knobby flat screens like Etch A Sketch faced the colorful three-dimensional Tinker Toys.  Artistic minds that need to knead found fun in yellow cans of Play-Doh as the modeling compound squared off against another drawing toy — Magnadoodle.  Tune in to see who won!


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Share and enjoy.

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