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Don't look now, but Michael Keaton is moving into your house. We look back at Pacific Heights and movie-based video games that never were.


In 1990 Michael Keaton terrified any yuppie that was looking to become a landlord. We look at Pacific Heights. And we think about movies that didn’t get their own video games in the TechnoRetro Arcade.   


In the NEWS

  • The Dark Crystal will not be having a season 2 and we’re not very happy about it. 

Let’s All Go To The Movies - Pacific Heights

Suspenseful thrillers were all the rage in 1990. Michael Keaton, in his next movie after Batman, gets into the game with Melanie Griffith and Matthew Modine as he channels his not-so-inner sociopath. He is Carter Hayes and he’s making the young couple’s life miserable as he rents out their apartment and proceeds to torment them in a complex scam that threatens to ruin their life. 

31 Days of Horror

Jovial Jay continues his tradition of watching a scary movie a day in October. This year’s RetroZap posts will be a plethora of “H-origins”. With movies like Dracula, The Invisible Man, and Psycho, the month looks to be a promising fright-fest. He tells us some of the movies he’ll be sharing as we prepare for 31 Days of Horror. 


TechnoRetro Arcade - 1990 movies that would be horrible video games

James Bond, Batman, Jurassic Park...these movies all got great video games. Why not other 1990 movies. Wouldn’t you love to play a Pretty Woman video game? Or how about showing off your gaming skills as Mel Gibson’s Hamlet? The obscure (and fictitious) Obscure Games room gets some imaginary additions as we wonder what could have been. 

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