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There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to Dads. We look at Twilight Zone: The Movie, the classic show, and the Golden Earring song and misheard lyrics of 80’s songs. 


For more than 60 years the Twilight Zone has given us a ton of stories to fill us with dread and make us think about the world. Jay and Shua look back on the classic TV show, the Movie, and the Golden Earring. But are we hearing those lyrics correctly?


In the NEWS

  • Cobra Kai returns in January and it’s been renewed for a season 4!
  • We recommend some great new books featuring art from video games
  • Would you try pumpkin spice Mac and Cheese?
  • We honor the memory of Eddie Van Halen 

Let’s All Go to the Movies - Twilight Zone: The Movie

In 1983 four legendary directors put together some Rod Serling-esque stories to give us Twilight Zone - The Movie. We look back at the origins of Rod Serling’s creation and how it evolved into the movie and future versions of the show. 

TechnoRetro Dads - Vinyl Scratchback

Twilight Zone also inspired (sorta) a classic 80’s song by Golden Earring. This song was a definite product of the 80’s but we may not have been hearing all the lyrics correctly. We figure out what they really said and also share some other wacky misinterpretations of lyrics. 

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