Enjoy Stuff: A TechnoRetro Podcast

No matter what school looks like this year, we can always make memories that last a lifetime. The TechnoRetro Dads take a look back at their edu-macation and maybe give you a few ideas for using all the retro memories to help today’s kids. 


It’s time to head back to some form of learning!  But let’s pause and take a look back at what it was like back in the day. 


In the NEWS

  • Our first impressions of Bill and Ted 3
  • And Cobra Kai is making impressions with us
  • Jay is looking forward to a new Star Trek book
  • And there may be a possibility of a movie in your future...

TechnoRetro Cereal - News

A newly graduated student is using cereal to help with some unfortunate circumstances. And was the classic cereal mascot Quisp inspired by a comic book character. Plus, where can you find a bag of just Lucky Charms marshmallows?

TechnoRetro Arcade - The Tech of our Schools 

When did you go to school? The 80’s? The 90’s? No matter what decade you found yourself learning the basics, it is always a big deal when your school gets some new technology. Even having that freshly mimeographed worksheet passed out to you was a sign of modern times. We take a look at some of our early tech exposure such as the Apple ][ computer, or the TRS-80. And who could forget those wonderful filmstrip projectors?


Magazine Rack - Starlog September 1980

This month’s Starlog had a cover story about a legendary, cinematic special edition. Nope. Even before Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind returned to theaters with never before scenes, but not digitally-added Jabba the Hutt. There were also some great features about Space 1999, Clash of the Titans, and Galaxina. Empire Strikes Back had been out for several months when this issue came out. What was the reaction after it had successfully woven it’s way into the new decade? It may not be what you think. 


TechnoRetro School Supplies

Do you remember getting the chance to go to the store and pick out your new supplies for the upcoming school year? Even today it’s a memorable experience, but we take a look back at some of the more iconic items such as cardboard pencil boxes, Pee Chees, and Trapper Keepers. And then we get ready for lunch by grabbing our legendary tin lunch boxes with a wide variety of pop culture characters. Can we help make this school year memorable in a positive way for today’s generation? Let’s hope so 

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