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Their five-year mission was cut short on television, but a decade later, Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Dr. “Bones” McCoy embarked on a brand-new ongoing mission that would take them beyond the limitations of living rooms and into the cinematic universe with Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

TechnoRetro Toy Catalog
The second round of wish book wishing has finished with Earbuds’ pics for creative toys in 2019, but there’s more to come this week as games are in the brackets next.  Be sure to check our social media pages every day for your chance to cast your votes.

Star Wars Aftershocks: Star Trek: The Motion Picture
SuperFriend Jovial Jay (Jedi Journals, Scarlet Velocity, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Case Files) adds valuable insight into the discussion of Star Trek: The Motion Picture as the first (and sometimes maligned) Star Trek movie…er, uh, motion picture… gets its due in this rematch and review.

TechnoRetro Arcade
Star Trek wasn’t just a motion picture, though.  Before the Star Wars vector-based game hit arcade in 1983, Sega’s Star Trek vector-based game showed what was possible in first-person space shooters.  Although the game doesn’t resemble the concept or sounds of Star Trek (on small or silver screens), the music is there, the computer logic-produced synthetic voice is virtually Spock-like, and the game play is a fun and challenging arcade experience — especially the alternate seated version of the cabinet.

Science Lesson
EarBud JediHolmes wonders about Pluto’s planetary status and the Voyager program is discovered to include Pluto’s potential in mankind’s future among the stars.

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