Enjoy Stuff: A TechnoRetro Podcast

Greetings, Programs!

It’s time to play the intro.
It’s time to light the lights.

It’s time to meet the Dads
on TechnoRetro Dads tonight.

It’s time to put on makeup.
It’s time to dress up right.
It’s time to eat some breakfast
on TechnoRetro Dads tonight.

Why don’t we watch some movies?
Let’s play with all our toys.
I love to be nostalgic
while I’m hangin’ with my boys!


So download Monday mornings
to start the work week right.
It’s time to get things started
on the most sensational... 

Time to join the TechnoRetro Dads!


Muppets, Jim Henson Creature Shop Challenge, Battlestar Galactica, American Idol, E.T., UFC, Star Wars...

Chris Hamilton from Star Wars Kidscast joins the discussion in the Lazy Book Club.  You can too at forum.TechnoRetroDads.com and get a free audiobook download and free 30-day trial of audible.com through TechnoRetro Dads.  We’re talking Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue by Tom Angleberger. 

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