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Greetings, Programs!

What is the big deal about Micronauts?  ARMANDO joins JediShua and shazbazzar to look back at these three inch predecessors to the ever-popular Transformers in this episode of TechnoRetro Dads.

Plus, find out where you can see Wilma Deering, Princess Leia, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, and the Incredible Hulk in upcoming programs.  In other news, Batman (the Adam West/Burt Ward version) is coming soon on DVD. 

Travel back in time to 1981 when the first Delorean DMC-12 rolls off the assembly line.  Discover how an Apple a day keeps 1984 at bay.  Find out why Templeton Peck has the wrong Face, man.  

Add in some speculations about Star Wars: The Clone Wars upcoming episodes (not spoilers, just speculations on rumored titles), and there is enough in this episode to keep you busy for...

...well, at least 77 minutes.


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