Enjoy Stuff: A TechnoRetro Podcast

Greetings, Programs!

Movin’ right along 
rememb’ring old times and new news,

With ear buds you can’t lose,

You know it won’t be boring!

Ev’ry Monday morning
you can download a new show,

Then get ready to go…

(Hey you! Get up, and stop that snoring!)


TechnoRetro Dads --

have fun with history.

Movies, games, and toys
we share with our families.

TechnoRetro Dads —

with friends both young and old, 

Mem’ries that are made with them
are worth more than gold.


Movin’ right along
when buddies seem more like brothers,

they’re joined by some others,

and form a Lazy Book Club.

Saturdays are great
while watching cartoons with cereal,

on a plane that’s ethereal,

be sure to save your pay stub.  
(Now you’re just trying to rhyme.)(Yep.)


TechnoRetro Dads —

‘Cause two’s just not enough —


Come along and join right in
if you enjoy stuff!   

E.T. is unearthed!  Flash Gordon is coming back!  Data’s cousin is rumored to be starring in a Goonies sequel!  There’s loads of news in this episode of TechnoRetro Dads!

PLUS: SuperFriend JORBEX joins JediShua and shazbazzar to talk about The Muppet Movie, Presto Magix, and Froot Loops.  You can be a part of the discussion as well by contacting us through email at podcast@TechnoRetroDads.com or leave a voice mail at (209)878-7323 (TR-TRDAD). You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter. 

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