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Greetings, Programs!

Time to RISE and shine, DAWN has already broken on this beautiful new day!  Get out from BENEATH the covers, sleepy head, today is your day of CONQUEST.  So ESCAPE your somber slumbers and BATTLE the temptation to grab more zzzzs.  TechnoRetro Dads are going bananas this Monday morning as we look back to the PLANET OF THE APES franchise from 1968 - 2014 with a new appreciation for the practical effects and sets from the classic series and eager anticipation for the return of CAESAR in another incarnation of this iconic tale.

PLUS: Animals in Theme Parks, South Korea is getting yet another great attraction (this time including APES), Marky Mark plays another crashed astronaut, shazbazzar talks CLONES at Alabama Phoenix Festival with the DEUCECAST, and a Weird ALbum enforces Mandatory Fun -- or so it says. 



Join us for 77 minutes of MONKEYING AROUND and then give us a call at (209) TR-TRDad to participate in the Lazy Book Club, Cereal Challenges, or Theme Park Summer.  Or record a voice message and send us an electronic-M at podcast@TechnoRetroDads.com

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