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Greetings, Programs!


As Thanksgiving looms on the horizon this week, TechnoRetro Dads look for creative culinary expressions with everything from turkeys to cranberries to cats.  Yes.  Cats.


Which leads us to Melmac, an egg-shaped world with big-nosed hairy creatures like Gordon, Rhonda, Skip, Rick, Seargeant Staff, and the evil Larcen Petty.  Yes.  ALF.  The animated series, that is.  And to talk about ALF with us, Deucecast cohost Michael Nipp comes on for the Cereal Challenge this week as we watch ‘80s cartoons with our kids while chowing down on the breakfast of champions — that’s a mouthful! 


Plus: News about Underoos!  Remembering R.A. Montgomery’s Choose Your Own Adventure books. New Peanuts images released. And a tribute to Glen A. Larson.


Before you fall into a tryptophanian coma Thursday afternoon, download and listen to the ‘Dads in this BONUS SIZED episode of TechnoRetro Dads. 

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