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Muppets are always welcome — especially this close to Christmas.  JediShua and shazbazzar gather their families around the TV for Jim Henson’s interpretation of Russell Hoban’s children’s book penned in the tradition of Gift of the Magi, Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas.  Cherished memories of Christmases continue as the ‘Dads reminisce about their favorite characters and songs from this clever musical featuring animals (both furry and scaly) living in a rural town alongside a river.  With definitive “good guys” and “bad guys”, one of the TechnoRetro Dads confesses his dark secret of favoring the Riverbottom Nightmare Band over the friendly, folksy harmonies of the Frogtown Hollow Jubilee Jug Band.


In the NEWS: movie releases coming out this week, TRON: Legacy turns four on Wednesday, Daniel LaRusso turns 46 on Thursday (when shazbazzar turns 42), a holographic Beatle sings of Hope for the Future in a video game, and Star Wars Celebration Anaheim reveals Rebels guests and a premier.  


JediShua and shazbazzar continue their discussion of retro toys which are available this season in stores near you.  This week: Smurfs, Fisher Price, Polly Pocket, Magna Doodle, Speak and Spell, and Lite Brite.  With only ten days until Christmas, pick a  #TechnoRetro gift for the younguns in your life.


Start your work week right with 77 minutes of fun with your Ear Buds this Monday morning!

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