Enjoy Stuff: A TechnoRetro Podcast

Greetings, Programs!  


Summer has kicked off with loads of NEWS, some bad and some good, with memories of the past and some eggspectations about the future, shazbazzar and JediShua jump in with both feet!  


PLUS: Executive Chef and SuperFriend Armando speeds up the conversation with his RedHot Super Summer submission: The Flash.  He and JediShua reveal that there’s more to this 75 year-old speedster than is immediately apparent.  Don’t forget to let the ‘Dads hear about your favorite Super in red, share your taste in cereal with the Cookie Cop, submit your JAWS Seaquel, or just chime in about anything #TechnoRetro by sending your voicemail to (209)TR-TRDad, (209)878-7323, recording a voice message and sending it via electronic-M to podcast@technoretrodads.com, posting on Facebook, or tweet @TechnoRetroDads.  



Top it off with jokes, science, and a Helium Balloon Theater tribute to Christopher Lee’s performance in The Last Unicorn, and you have 77 minutes of #TechnoRetro good times this Monday morning.

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