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Electra-Woman and the Rats of NIMH


Greetings, Programs!  


Timothy is sick and he must not get out of bed for the next six weeks.  The frost is off the ground and the farmer has started his tractor.  Moving Day is here.  What will the Brisby family do?  Consult the Great Owl and take a trip under the rose bush to meet with the leader of the rats for the solution.


JediShua and shazbazzar dig up memories of The Secret of N.I.M.H. with their kids before retrieving dangerous yard Toys in the Attic this week.  Enjoy a dose of the 70s and 80s with opinions and commentary on TechnoRetro Dads this Monday morning.  


PLUS: Loads of NEWS, Red Hot Super Heroes (Heroines?), and Helium Balloon Theater.  Be sure to let the ‘Dads hear about your favorite Super in red, share your opinions about the new Star Wars cereal, submit your JAWS Seaquel, or just chime in about anything #TechnoRetro by sending your voicemail to (209)TR-TRDad, (209)878-7323, recording a voice message and sending it via electronic-M to podcast@technoretrodads.com, posting on Facebook, or tweet @TechnoRetroDads.  



It’s 77 minutes of fun and fandom this Monday morning on TechnoRetro Dads!

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