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Now that Autumn has fallen upon us, you’re permitted to savor the flavor of the season — so grab a bowl of Pumpkin Spice Frosted Flakes and settle in for 77 minutes of fun in past, present, and future tense on this episode of TechnoRetro Dads (where time-traveling takes a clever and curious turn in the 1984 sci-fi spoof Ice Pirates). 


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We Love Our Cereal…

…and cereal flavored donuts from a certain fast food chain.  Yep, shazbazzar taste-tests the Froot Loops mini donuts from Hardees and the results are in!  The Roving Spoonster reports with monstrous cereal/adult beverage mash-ups and Kellogg’s acknowledgement and correction to their sexist marketing.  PLUS: EarBuds tell about what’s in their cereal aisles and JediShua discovers the next fall flavor trend at Cereal Box, Inc.

Of course, the discussion deteriorates into the scourge of the season, pumpkin spice, with a few undocumented “memories” of how the flavor imbedded itself into pop-culture over the decades on TV, radio, and the big screen.


Ice Pirates

In the far flung reaches of outer space in a distant future, a band of private entrepreneurs embark on a quest to open convenient $2 ice shacks along the space lanes in Ice Pirates.  Actually, no, that’s not the plot of the campy Stewart Raffill flick from 1984 that continues the trend of pushing the limits of what audiences will pay for at the box office on the heels of Return of the Jedi.  Starring Robert Urich, Mary Crosby, Michael D. Roberts, and more familiar faces from the mid-80s, Ice Pirates threatens to raid your freezer while pillaging your wallet to cash in on the continuing craze for space-movies combined with a taste of Police Academy comedy.

SuperFriend Adam O’Brien (The Fantha from Down Under) joins shazbazzar and JediShua for a chat about Ice Pirates with some stunning revelations about how the movie came to be the campy ‘80s spoof we remember from childhood.  Can you believe that Ice Pirates was initially slated to be a serious attempt at a science fiction film?  Find out how and why the script was altered to become classic camp that still elicits a laugh with its illicit humor aimed squarely at teenage boys in 1984.  Target acquired: it’s a hit! 


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