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The gasps from watching the “Heart of Glass” video in 1979 and Pet Sematary in 1989 were likely equal in volume, but radically different in emotion.  These two blondes (Gage from Pet Sematary and Debbie from Blondie) both affected pop-culture in their time and continue to have fans decades later.


In the NEWS:

We’re back with news this week — Back to the Future news, that is. 


We Love Our Cereal…

Does the overabundance of sweetness in Cap’n Crunch’s Cotton Candy Crunch make it really crunchy or a phenomenon of galactic proportions?  Does a box of Blueberry Cheerios remind you of a certain gum-chewing girl who visited a chocolate factory?  Will Bob Ross really bring us The Joy of Breakfast with painted marshmallow goodness in a new cereal from FYE?  All these questions, along with the new Mikey for Life, are addressed this week!


Vinyl Scratchback

She’s blonde, she’s beautiful, she’s broken-hearted…and maybe she even has a bit of a stalker in her.  She’s Deborah Harry and she found a place at #1 on American Top 40 this week in 1979 with “Heart of Glass” from the Blondie album Parallel Lines.  Blondie (the band, not the girl) entranced listeners with her sultry, other-worldly voice which juxtaposed passion with passivity in the ‘70s and ‘80s.  Ranging from punk reggae to pop disco, Blondie seized our attention with raucous riffs, awkward raps, and a hypnotic sound that separated music aficionados from their cash in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s.  The band continues playing today with a fan following that fell in love with the lead singer four decades ago.


Let’s All Go to the Movies: Pet Sematary

Speaking of a blondie, the young toddler Gage Creed (he was so cute!) met with tragedy while playing in the front yard with his family in Maine when he wandered into a busy road and met with an accident.  From the mind of Stephen King and the vision of director Mary Lambert came a story that turned hope upside-down in the haunting horror flick that drew audiences to the box office to see Pet Sematary.  Whether you loved it or hated it, it became an instant classic for movie-goers.  Featuring Tasha Yar, Herman Munster, and that vocal know-it-all from Kindergarten Cop, Pet Sematary spawned a sequel in the ‘90s (not good) and even a remake which is in theaters now (in case you can’t get tickets to Endgame).


Science Lesson: The Voyager Golden Record

When Voyager was launched, scientists (hoping for contact with alien life forms) included a golden record with sounds from Earth in the deep space probe.  Now, for the first time on earth, you can get your own copy of this record for $100.


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