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Traveling through time is a weekly event for shazbazzar and JediShua, but we never realized just how many movies (and how many genres) feature time travel in some way or another.  Thankfully, Jovial Jay lends his expertise in cinematic time travel to reveal the many movies and many means of traveling through time since film projectors brought motion pictures to life on the big screen. 


In the NEWS…

  • The highly anticipated Muppet project for Disney+ will not be seen any time soon.
  • HGTV takes time travel to a new level with A Very Brady Renovation.
  • Comparative sales of vinyl records and compact discs look like something straight out of 1986.


Let’s All Go Back to the Movies!

Jovial Jay joins shazbazzar and JediShua for a more expansive look at movies featuring time travel.  Whether the film was fantasy or a science-fiction story, the sheer number of movies that deal with traveling through time in some manner or another is almost enough to power a flux capacitor!  JediShua, shazbazzar, and Jovial Jay discuss this timeless trope in various decades and genres with special attention to some favorites from EarBuds.


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