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It’s the last Monday before Halloween, the National Peanut Festival, November, and the return to standard time.  Oh, yeah, and the first Monday after the last trailer for a Skywalker saga Star Wars movie.  Yep.  There’s lots to talk about today.  PLUS: jokes from our friends and fellow RetroZap celebrities.


In the NEWS:

Emmett Otter’s Jug Band Christmas is being rewritten, rescored, and remade…maybe.


We Want Candy!

Get out your plastic pumpkins and pillow cases; trick-or-treat is almost here!  We remember some of our favorite sugary treats from Halloweens past as we scrounge around in our closet floors and find remnants of forty-or-so years gone by.  This year’s top treats are also in the mix.


Creative Costumes

EarBuds and SuperFriends share memories of trick-or-treating in costumes from boxes, costumes made of boxes, and costumes created by moms, dads, and kids and kids-at-heart.


Star Wars Scrapbook

With the final trailer of the Skywalker saga available for viewing, rewinding, and viewing again and again (slow-motion and pause enabled), shazbazzar and JediShua start speculating in earnest based on what little has been shown so far.  Let the hype begin!


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