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Sports are back! We commemorate the return by looking back at some fantastic sport video games. Plus, we lay out our ideal Saturday Morning Cartoon lineup would be. 


We. Could. Go. All. The. Way! ….back to the beginning of video games to look at the sports that kicked all of them off, and how they evolved. Plus, we try to figure out what our ideal Saturday morning cartoon lineup might be. 


In the NEWS

  • An update on the progress of the TRON coaster
  • The Princess Bride cast to reunite for a table reading
  • You can get a really cool Sid Krofft jigsaw puzzle, signed by the man himself
  • They Live gets an impressive box set
  • Do you have a golden ticket? If so, you could win your very own candy store!

TechnoRetro Cereal - News

The Roving Spoonster has been working overtime this week. General Mills and Champion team up for some cerealicious clothing. Are you trying to eat healthy? There are some sugar free options out there. Buffalo, New York gets their very own cereal restaurant. And Little Debbie decides to get into the cereal game with a version of their oatmeal cream pies. 

TechnoRetro Arcade - Sport Games

The very first video game was inspired by the real sport of tennis. From their, the games evolved into more and more realistic games. Which is good, because they’ve been the only sports we’ve really had access to lately. Pong, soccer, boxing, baseball, football, hockey, racing...the list goes on. Jay and Shua share some of their favorites from their childhood while looking at some of the history as well. 


Magazine Rack - Starlog September 1980

This month’s Starlog had a cover story about a legendary, cinematic special edition. Nope. Even before Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind returned to theaters with never before scenes, but not digitally-added Jabba the Hutt. There were also some great features about Space 1999, Clash of the Titans, and Galaxina. Empire Strikes Back had been out for several months when this issue came out. What was the reaction after it had successfully woven it’s way into the new decade? It may not be what you think. 


Saturday Mornings

If you had your own TV station and access to all the cartoons, what would you schedule for your Saturday Mornings? Jay and Shua try to come up with a good 5 hour lineup and find it more difficult than expected. But there’s just so many to choose from!  What would be included in your lineup?

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