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It’s time to get Weird with the Prince of Parody, Weird Al Yankovic! To celebrate the release of the new biopic about the talented singer, Jay and Shua look back on his career and some of their favorite highlights on Enjoy Stuff!


White and Nerdy? Most definitely! And that has been Weird Al’s biggest asset in a more than 40 year career of parody and fun! It’s a special musical episode of Enjoy Stuff (in 3-D!)



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What we’re Enjoying

Jay was listening to this podcast called Enjoy Stuff, where a guy named Shua was talking about the Magic Candle Company and their theme park inspired candle scents. He tried the sampler pack that includes Space Coaster, Haunted, Pirate Life, and Extraterrestrial. They’re a unique and pleasant candle that both guys recommend. Shua checked out a very well done stop motion animation movie on Netflix called Wendell and Wild by Jordan Peele and Henry Selick. A spooky and dark (not to mention fun) movie that features demons, zombies, and redemption. Plus, one of the crew members was friend of the show Hunter Wahl who was one of the talented puppet painters on the crew. Check it out on Netflix. 


Sci-Fi Saturdays/MCU Location Scout

Sci-Fi Saturdays is back with a look at a fun romp in space with Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, Gary Oldman, and Chris Tucker. Written and directed by Luc Besson, it has gained a large following over the years with it’s beautiful design and fun action story. Check it out on RetroZap.com


Enjoy Music!

Weird Al Yankovic got his start at an early age when his mom bought him an accordion from a door-to-door salesman. With that and his passion for the Dr. Demento show, his creativity began to thrive with parodies of other songs. 


His crazy, unique style began to grow in popularity with repeated playings of his early songs like My Bologna and I Love Rocky Road on Dr. Demento, and soon he had a record deal. That led to several other albums, videos, cameos in movies, and even a movie of his own. 


He is only one of five artists that have had a Top 40 single in each of the last four decades. Lin-Manuel Miranda has said he was an influence on writing Hamilton. His crazy, fun work has truly made a unique difference in our culture. 


The new biopic called Weird: The Al Yankovic story is out now, starring Daniel Radcliffe as Weird Al. A wild (and totally “accurate”) account of Al’s life and rise to fame. Featuring Evan Rachel Wood as Madonna and Rainn Wilson as Dr. Demento, it’s the perfect example of Al’s work. 

Do you like Weird Al? What are some of your favorite songs? First person that emails me with the subject line, “Dare to Be Stupid” will get a special mention on the show.  Let us know. Come talk to us in the Discord channel or send us an email to EnjoyStuff@RetroZap.com

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