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It’s the time of year to celebrate a day of peace and harmony. Life Day is here and Jay and Shua celebrate by sharing their jump back to 70s TV and some crazy homages to the weird and wacky Star Wars Holiday Special, with some new additions to this year’s broadcast. 


It’s time once again to try to achieve the kind of weirdness that we immersed ourselves in back on November 17, 1978. Check out some of the goofy stuff we share this year:


Star Scores. A game show featuring Krelman and Maala the Wookiee

The rare sequel:  The Star Wars Holiday Special Strikes Back 

The NPR holiday segment The Delicious Dish with some tasty treats to celebrate with your friends and family

A song by Captain and the Ten Eels

A trailer from the Andor Holiday Special

A discussion with Jay and Shua about how to truly Enjoy the Star Wars Holiday Special

Darth Elvis covers some HS songs

Plus commercials and fun surprises to get you in the spirit for wearing your red robes!

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