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40 years ago the video game industry crashed faster than a Combat bi-plane. What was the cause? Was it really because of the legendary E.T. game? Jay and Shua remember what was happening and how they probably caused the whole thing. 


Join us on a trip back to an adaptation of a popular Japanese cartoon that got our imagination flowing! This is Battle of the Planets!



Is the world ready for a TETRIS movie? Of course we are! And there’s one coming to Apple TV+

The latest Disney movie based on a ride, Disney’s haunted mansion, is coming sooner than we expected

In a rare display of corporate understanding, Sega is going to give its employees a raise

The cereal company that shall not be named is releasing a cereal that can help you sleep

Get ready for a frozen version of 'biscuits with the boss' when Jeni’s Ice Cream releases their latest flavor


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What we’re Enjoying

In preparation for the third season, Jay has been re-watching Ted Lasso. it’s still a great show with characteristics that are perfect for re-watches. The new season is coming in just a couple weeks. Shua really enjoyed Ant-man and the wasp Quantumania. He knows how to enjoy things without listening to the naysayers. And that’s what Enjoy Stuff is all about!

Sci-Fi Saturdays/MCU Location Scout

A very fun and entertaining Star Trek movie came out in 1999. And it was called Galaxy Quest. This week Jay releases his 200th Sci-Fi Saturdays article spotlighting this great homage to the Trek universe. Read and enjoy this and all of the other 199 articles too. Check it out on Sci-Fi Saturdays on Retrozap.com. Plus, stay tuned for the classic Star Trek homage Galaxy Quest, coming this Saturday. 


Enjoy Video Games!

In 1983 the video game industry was at its highest point so far. They were earning more than $3 billion with home consoles and cartridges that we could enjoy whenever we wanted. But a poor business model which included releasing too many games, many of which were low quality, and a saturated market with companies coming from every room of the metaphorical Adventure dungeon, meant that the bubble was about to burst. Legend has it that the release of the E.T. video cartridge in 1983 was the cause. But in reality there were many different aspects that led to a big change. Luckily it found ways to recover and is now a booming business still today.

Did you enjoy the E.T. video game? Did you notice the crash in ‘83? Did you read all of these shownotes? First person that emails me with the subject line, “Atari, phone home” will get a special mention on the show.  Let us know. Come talk to us in the Discord channel or send us an email to EnjoyStuff@RetroZap.com


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