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Greetings, Programs!  


Watch out for time-traveling witches and zombies in zombie costumes as we ramp up the excitement for this weekend of spooky-scariness.   


IN THE NEWS: H.R. PufNStuf returns in 2016, The Great Conjunction goes Indie Go-Go, Lucky Charms goes oatless, and Nikes get self-tightening laces.


PLUS: WolfToons from The Chipmunks and Scooby-Doo, another Scary Spooky Story from shazbazzar’s LP collection, a very special (and tasty) Monster Cereal sandwich, and a late-night call to the Cereal Connoisseur.


Top it all off with a peek back into the Star Wars Scrapbook with JediShua Luke and Ewok shazbazzar and it’s a party.  A TechnoRetro Dead (Man’s Party)!

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Greetings, Programs!  

Doc Brown and Marty McFly are expected to arrive in two days, and the ‘Dads are preparing for their arrival from the past.  In the meantime, Richard and Sarah from Skywalking through Neverland come Trick-or-Treating just a bit early with a special treat for listeners.  

IN THE NEWS: More Back to the Future news with a Monopoly game, the 30th Anniversary BluRay collection, and the We’re Going Back con.

PLUS: We remember Fangface with another group of animated teenaged detectives and Boo Berry graces the JediShua home with breakfast.

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Skywalking through Neverland

Muppet Cast

Assembly of Geeks

Coffee with Kenobi

Window to the Magic



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Greetings, Programs!  


While shazbazzar recovers from a busy week, JediShua starts going through some…changes.  Still, TechnoRetro Dads have some ideas for Hollywood: Board Game Movies.  Tune in this Monday Morning for our bright ideas for box office bullseyes you’ll be sorry to miss.


IN THE NEWS: Back to the Future is back with Jaws 19, Pepsi Perfect, and LEGO Dimensions.


PLUS:  Teen Wolf gets animated, but where was James Arnold Taylor?  And the Star Wars Scrapbook gets Howl-o-weenie with a cute tree mounts…or something like that. 


And the week five update of the TechnoRetro Bowl.  


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Greetings, Programs!  


It’s October, the weather has changed, so grab your parkas and set out on a cross-country hike with us as we stick to the roads and avoid the moors (just like they told us — we want to avoid any hairy manimalistic predators).  As mentioned earlier this year, we’re focusing on wolves this month, starting with a little-known ‘80s cartoon featuring Wolfman Jack: Wolf Rock TV.  Be sure to let us know your memories of animated wolves, werewolves, and wolfmen for future episodes as we draw closer to Hallowe’en.


IN THE NEWS: Michael Witwer’s Empire of Imagination comes out tomorrow.  The Muppets are back in show business.  Monster Cereals come alive through Blippar.  Buck Rogers…er…uh…Jake Rizzo reunites with Ernie Lee from SidekicksBack to the Future is back on your PlayStation or XBOX.  And, of course, Star Wars is everywhere!


PLUS:  Loads of feedback from our Ear Buds. 


And a four-week update on the current status of the TechnoRetro Bowl.  


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