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Do you remember what you were doing twenty-five years ago?  It was the Year of the Bat when Michael Keaton called into question the weight of Kim Basinger, Jack Nicholson agitated Jack Palance, Jek Porkins was a scoundrel, and Lando was the District Attorney.  (And Two-Face could have been a much smoother criminal....)  


JediShua and shazbazzar share BATMAN with their families, finding it just as relevant today as it was back in 1989.  The Dark Knight was darker then than in the 60s, but not nearly as dark as he has become in this century.  Take a trip back in time to relive the hype and hoopla of Tim Burton’s vision with the music of Danny Elfman and Prince.  

PLUS: News about some TechnoRetro favorites becoming movies, a Super 8 reel released, the BATMAN ride at Six Flags Over Georgia, and a SCIENCE LESSON from two moons!  



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