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The pumpkins have fallen out of fashion, Christmas commercials invaded televisions the day after Halloween, the smell of peppermint is in the air, and it won’t be long before there’s enough snow on the ground to build a snowman.  Do you want to?  You know… build a snowman?


In the NEWS

A YouTube channel has compiled “all” Ready Player One references in one gigantic video list.  You can soon build your own virtual reality bedroom (Ready Player One style) will memorabilia, movies, TV shows, and even classic video games!  Beetlejuice is now a musical stage production on its way to Broadway.


TechnoRetro Arcade

Star Wars landed on home game consoles everywhere in 1982 with the release of The Empire Strikes Back, a scrolling shooter that pitted players’ snowspeeders against AT-ATs on the march towards Echo Base.  The low-resolution game (hey, it was 1982) did not diminish game play in the least.  The walkers looked like walkers.  The snowspeeder looked like a snowspeeder.  The snow-covered terrain looked like snow-covered terrain.  And the FORCE… Well, it was multicolored flashing and had cool music.  The Empire Strikes Back on Atari may not have been “winnable”, but it sure did provide hours of fun reliving the “Battle in the Snow”.


Saturday Mornings

In 1985, Bill Watterson brought the dark imagination of a small boy to life in the funny papers under the title Calvin and Hobbes.  Calvin, a bright, energetic, and playful boy, teamed up with his striped friend Hobbes to remake the world as they wanted it to be.  From transmogrification to snowmen in somewhat disturbing positions, Calvin and Hobbes kept parents on their toes as the pair (?) delivered joy to newspaper subscribers every day as the paperboy completed his neighborhood route.  JediShua and shazbazzar recall some memorable “snowman” strips from the ‘80s and ‘90s.  (Thanks for the idea, Russ!)


They Live

Evil-Lynn returns from Masters of the Universe to fill her role in this John Carpenter film from thirty years ago.  They Live is a creepy look at ‘80s culture through the eyes of the filmmaker as Carpenter warns his audience of the dangers lurking beneath the surface in our capitalistic economy.  But theater-goers weren’t as interested in the underlying message of the director (who claimed the film is a documentary), they just wanted to be entertained by the likes of pro wrestler “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.  From muscles to mullet to mouthing-off, Roddy Piper drew in audiences to see this sci-fi thriller about friendship, aliens, magic glasses, and street brawling.  Featuring Roddy Piper, Keith David, and Meg Foster, They Live is an essential part of ‘80s pop culture.



  • Jedi Holmes presents One Punch Man.
  • Jack o’ Lanterns
  • Matt Marks shows off his designs.
  • Armando discovers an amazing carving.
  • Raising Fangirls shows off some cool creations, too.
  • Even “Little ‘A’s” has a round rendition of retroism for her orange gourd.


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