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With Willow on the brain and after a fantastic chat with Art Director and Concept Artist Paul Bateman, shAbbeyzzar was frustrated with a less-than-ideal television watching experience. When the DirecTV signal is getting interrupted by the leaves of a Kentucky Coffeetree, what does a TechnoRetro Dad do?  He cuts down the offending trunk supporting the leaves.  What does a wise TechnoRetro Dad do?  He ties off the offending trunk for safety purposes before cutting it down.  What does shazbazzar do?  He crushes his thumb trying to push the trunk away from hitting the house and gets his thumb crushed in the meantime.


In the NEWS…

SEGA intends to release all of their console games as mobile apps.  Sonic the Hedgehog and a few other games are already available!  ToeJam and Earl anyone?  Star Wars has been remade using the classic “Read Along” book and various toys and action figures from the past forty years thanks to inventive YouTuber, dyna74.  It’s out of this world!  Guardians of the Galaxy and TRON are both rumored to have rides coming at Epcot Center in O’Lando.  Mississippi State University offers a course in Quidditch for entering Freshmen this fall.  College sure has changed in the past couple of decades. 



Decoding the Director

Art Director, Concept Artist, and SuperFriend Paul Bateman joins shazbazzar and JediShua to discuss the recent change of directors for the upcoming Star Wars anthology movie about Han Solo.  All three reach the same conclusion: Ron Howard was the right guy to direct Willow, and so he is likely the perfect choice to take over next year’s Han Solo film.  The winding path Paul, shaz, and Shua take over, around, and through Willow (spattered with exceptions and trepidations about the Han Solo movie overall) eventually leads to a more positive outlook on the movie than a certain ‘Dad had when the project was first announced.


For more Willow talk, check out the first episode of TechnoRetro Dads from 2013: Was Willow a TechnoRetro Dad?


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