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Greetings, Programs!  


Wow!  With the hectic schedule of the holidays (and catching up on sleep on a brand new memory foam and cooling gel pillow), we almost forgot to record our End-of-Year episode — almost.  But late Sunday night, shazbazzar and JediShua took 77 minutes to remember some of the great things that made 2014 1984 a fantastic year.


Plug in your ear buds and tune in for some great memories of movies, toys, sports, and music from a great year of fun and fandom that will make you feel like a kid again.*  



*While the contents of this podcast have been known to cause some listeners to experience an emotional state of adolescence, your own personal reaction to this episode of TechnoRetro Dads is not guaranteed either explicitly or implicitly.

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Greetings, Programs!  


On the last Monday before Christmas, there is no time to Monkee around — if you haven’t told Santa what you want this year, you need to get down to the mall before it’s too late.  (Oh, and you can get your shopping done, too.)  Too crowded, you say?  Plug in your ear buds, Ear Buds, and tune in to UNSCROOGED 2 to lighten the load — you’ll be smiling in no time!


With fun tunes, both old and new, JediShua and shazbazzar head down to the mall, braving frigid temperatures in the high forties to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what they most want for Christmas this year.  On the way, they bump into the Cereal Connoisseur, Sheldon Norton, Richard and Sarah from Skywalking through Neverland, and even one of Santa’s helpers, Steve Glosson from Geek Out Loud



The TechnoRetro Dads are helping Mickey, Peter, Mike, and Davy spread the spirit of Christmas to quench the Grinch in the most Humbuggiest Scrooge you can imagine in this year’s magical, musical, madness on a Monday morning.  

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Greetings, Programs!  


Muppets are always welcome — especially this close to Christmas.  JediShua and shazbazzar gather their families around the TV for Jim Henson’s interpretation of Russell Hoban’s children’s book penned in the tradition of Gift of the Magi, Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas.  Cherished memories of Christmases continue as the ‘Dads reminisce about their favorite characters and songs from this clever musical featuring animals (both furry and scaly) living in a rural town alongside a river.  With definitive “good guys” and “bad guys”, one of the TechnoRetro Dads confesses his dark secret of favoring the Riverbottom Nightmare Band over the friendly, folksy harmonies of the Frogtown Hollow Jubilee Jug Band.


In the NEWS: movie releases coming out this week, TRON: Legacy turns four on Wednesday, Daniel LaRusso turns 46 on Thursday (when shazbazzar turns 42), a holographic Beatle sings of Hope for the Future in a video game, and Star Wars Celebration Anaheim reveals Rebels guests and a premier.  


JediShua and shazbazzar continue their discussion of retro toys which are available this season in stores near you.  This week: Smurfs, Fisher Price, Polly Pocket, Magna Doodle, Speak and Spell, and Lite Brite.  With only ten days until Christmas, pick a  #TechnoRetro gift for the younguns in your life.


Start your work week right with 77 minutes of fun with your Ear Buds this Monday morning!

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Greetings, Programs!  


After T’day, we unbox the ornaments, set up the tree, unwind coils of lights, and tinsel-up the living room while the wives are away. December is a month for anticipation and expectations, and part of the hype is getting the house all decorated for the month.  Join JediShua and shazbazzar as they get the #TechnoRetro tree ready for this year’s excitement.



In the NEWS: Ernest Cline’s award-winning novel, Ready Player One is finally getting a director — we think.  Check out the latest list of potential directors and the ‘Dad’s opinions of each one (even if they don’t know them by name).  


Theme Park Summer is back — just in time for winter (Edgar Winter?) — as shazbazzar and the shazlings visit Six Flags over Georgia during their “Holiday in the Park” event over Thanksgiving break.  Goliath, Georgia Scorcher, and the Monster Mansion are just three of the attractions available this season.  PLUS: Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck perform on stage all season long!



JediShua and shazbazzar continue their discussion of retro toys which are available this season in stores near you.  This week: Lincoln Logs, Cabbage Patch Kids, Holly Hobbie, and more!

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Greetings, Programs!  


…or should we say, “Greetings Starfighter”?  


With rumored remakes, remasters, and fan-edited special editions of movies and shows we watched when we were young, the excitement surrounding the release of the new Star Wars teaser trailer last week has everyone trying to make the old things new.  (Is it unlikely that J.J. Abrams was referring to just this scenario by giving us 88 seconds of teasers to get our capacitors fluxing by generating 1.21 gigahits on and other websites?)


If you don’t want to hear about the recently released Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, feel free to stop this episode at the 77 minute mark.  But if you want to get some brief reactions to the event that made some sad losses in the world of football a whole lot better, keep listening to the end of yet another extended episode of TechnoRetro Dads -- 88 minutes this week!


In the NEWS: Theme Park awards, an amazing rendition of a scene from the original Battlestar Galactica (with a few words about both series from Captain Apollo, himself, Richard Hatch),  Westworld may become a series on HBO just in time for another movie about trouble at a theme park, and Dancing with the Stars plays Super Mario Bros.


Then JediShua uncovers a plot to rerelease some of our favorite Toys in the Attic just in time for the holidays (and shazbazzar gets the great idea of scrubbing the old ones and simply regifting). 


Be sure to post your 5-Star reviews of TechnoRetro Dads on iTunes, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and send us your voicemails!  We want to know what movies you think need sequels, what Christmas catalogs you marked for “hints” to Santa’s helpers, and what you think about all things #TechnoRetro! 


Check out shazbazzar’s new blogs on The Star Wars Report.     



Listen to JediShua on Green Justice, Scarlet Velocity, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Case Files

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Greetings, Programs!


As Thanksgiving looms on the horizon this week, TechnoRetro Dads look for creative culinary expressions with everything from turkeys to cranberries to cats.  Yes.  Cats.


Which leads us to Melmac, an egg-shaped world with big-nosed hairy creatures like Gordon, Rhonda, Skip, Rick, Seargeant Staff, and the evil Larcen Petty.  Yes.  ALF.  The animated series, that is.  And to talk about ALF with us, Deucecast cohost Michael Nipp comes on for the Cereal Challenge this week as we watch ‘80s cartoons with our kids while chowing down on the breakfast of champions — that’s a mouthful! 


Plus: News about Underoos!  Remembering R.A. Montgomery’s Choose Your Own Adventure books. New Peanuts images released. And a tribute to Glen A. Larson.


Before you fall into a tryptophanian coma Thursday afternoon, download and listen to the ‘Dads in this BONUS SIZED episode of TechnoRetro Dads. 

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A long time ago, in many places not far away, young Star Wars fans turned on CBS for a special event featuring their favorite fictional characters.  Some were thrilled, others nonplussed, and the history of The Star Wars Holiday Special began.  


Download and relive the fun and frustration of the Holiday Special as JediShua and shazbazzar invite SuperFriends Sheldon Norton, Mike Tarkin, Chris Hamilton, and JoeyWanKenobi to relive the magic of that notorious Friday in November 1978 (with special musical guest, High Adventure)!  


But that's not all!  This year's inductees into the Toy Hall of Fame are in the news, Etch A Sketch is retrieved from the Attic, a TechnoRetro Fantasy is explored, and we reveal the success and failure of shazbazzar's Monster Cereals cake from a couple weeks back.


Don’t forget the TechnoRetro Dads’ reviews of Star Wars: Rebels “Out of Darkness” on RebelForce Radio’s Star Wars: Rebels Declassified and Disney Vault Talk: Rebel Yell from last week!  


Check out shazbazzar’s new blogs on The Star Wars Report.     


Listen to JediShua on Green Justice, Scarlet Velocity, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Case Files.     



Celebrate this day of peace by greeting your fellow sentients with the traditional, “Happy Life Day!” today.


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Because the 71st Annual National Peanut Festival is in full swing in L.A. (Lower Alabama) this week, JediShua talks about the surprising amount of Peanut Power that’s packed in those little shells.  In the meantime, shazbazzar remembers reading strangely horrific children’s books in his room under his bed.  (If you’ve ever seen A Puppet Storybook, you’ll completely understand.)


Favorite television shows are up for rebooting in the NEWS this week, from your friendly but strange witch neighbor to a family with a vacuum-tube-powered robot who can’t seem to find their way home, classic ideas are getting the green light for the 21st Century treatment.  Will they be dark and gritty like nearly every other remake we’ve seen lately?   


Check out shazbazzar on The Neverland Podcast and his new blogs on The Star Wars Report.   


Listen to JediShua on Green Justice, Scarlet Velocity, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Case Files.   



Pick up your copy of High Adventure’s Into a Larger World album featuring “A Letter to Doc Brown” as heard this week.

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Enjoy the TechnoRetro Dads Spooktacular 2014 in the dark of night if you dare… (You can light a candle if you’re faint of heart.)


With classic tales from shazbazzar’s copy of Troll Records’ 1973 Scary Spooky Stories on vinyl (very retro) and songs from the past as JediShua and shaz go Trick-or-Treating with the next generation in this special edition of TechnoRetro Dads.


Including works by Lucasfilm, Andrew Gold, J. Geils Band, Sparks, Warren Zevon, Tim Curry, Chris Hamilton, Lawrence Grey, and Oingo Boingo.  With references and sounds from Fat Albert’s Halloween Special, Witch’s Night Out, Fright Night, The Worst Witch Ever, The Hobbit, and Groovie Ghoulies.



We dare you to listen at midnight.

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Hey, Hey, Hey!  It’s Halloween Week, and to start it off on this monstrous Monday, JediShua and shazbazzar share some Eggo waffles with their kids (willingly or unwillingly? You decide) while watching the Fat Albert Halloween Special.  As always, the Cosby Kids provide some laughs and a lesson for fun’ertainment.  


But the TechnoRetro Dads also turn the page in the Star Wars Scrapbook to see what costumes they wore for Halloween — homemade Star Wars costumes, specifically.  JediShua was a blonde back then, and shaz has evidently always had an affinity for being fuzzy, so you can probably guess who they might have been back then.  


PLUS: Shua the Mad Scientist comes up with intriguing experiments you can do in your home Halloween lab with some of the candy your little goblins bring home from their night of begging from the neighbors in disguise.  From Tootsie Roll Pops to marshmallows, C6H22O11 is on the menu and in the lab!  


IN THE NEWS:  Back to the Future is coming to the future…soon!  A beer brewery has managed a hostile takeover of Count Chocula.  Colorado welcomes Star Wars music at the symphony.  


It’s the last Daylight Saving Monday of TechnoRetro Dads in 2014.  Share and Enjoy!

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