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Take Off with Bob and Doug’s Strange Brew!

Superfriend Sheldon joins us as we look back at the movie Strange Brew, test our Canadian knowledge, and play the arcade game Root Beer Tapper.


Take off to the Great White North!


In the NEWS

  • Mad Magazine’s Al Jaffee retires at 99 years old!
  • Paul Hogan revisits his character Crocodile Dundee (sort of)
  • The trailer for Bill and Ted Face the Music arrives, and it’s wonderful!

We Love Our Cereal

Let’s All Go to the Movies - Strange Brew

In 2020, Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley intercepted with the International Space Station, but in 1983 Bob and Doug McKenzie intercepted with the Elsinore Brewing Company in the movie Strange Brew.  This spinoff of their popular skit on SCTV hit theaters and showed the fictional brothers’ true love of beer. Sheldon Norton, Superfriend and Canadian, join Jay and Shua to reminisce about the goofy comedy and then give them a test to see how Canadian they actually are. 


TechnoRetro Arcade:  Bally Midway’s Root Beer Tapper

In 1983, Bally released an arcade game where you got to be a bartender! But you have the option of serving up some delicious, foamy root beer in this classic game where your coordination must be in tip top shape so you don’t drop the mugs. 

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